Web Development

icon design devWebsite Projects: Design & Development Process

Producing an effective website involves more than creative versatility and a dedicated team.  Myriad steps may be detailed in Gantt charts, but it all can be distilled down to the following essential elements:

  • Research & Collaborate – Gather requirements, meet with the in‐house design/development team, review branding, marketing objectives and strategies in conjunction with the objectives for the visitor experience to the website/application
  • Create & Identify Design Solutions – Initial design documents are submitted based on research and strategic direction.  Iterations of design revisions with the client culminate in the functional specs for the site architecture.
  • Build – implement the design solution as a prototype on a development system/server
  • Test – review content, test functionality and de‐bug on actual equipment
  • Deploy – move the application files to the live server/equipment (and test again)